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i) IASC Light Membership: Reserved for those who wish to be informed about the activities of the association and who, for this reason, will continue to receive the Newsletter. It’s completely free.

ii) IASC Full Membership: Reserved for those who, in addition to being informed, wish to have an active part in the association, either by participating in the events of the IASC, or having the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in the roles of the Association. The annual fee is €50 (€30 for students). The right to vote in the 2020 General Assembly is guaranteed to those who at 31 December 2019 will have opted for the Full membership. To do so, you just have to send an email to Giovanni Scarafile ( and follow the instructions on the Become a Member page of our site (

iii) IASC Honorary Membership: Reserved for scholars who have particularly distinguished themselves in the field of controversies studies. The Honorary membership is awarded annually by the Board of the Association and, as an encouragement to continue in the excellence of the studies, is valid for three years.


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